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Monday, May 16, 2005


Another risible editorial in the Times, this one entitled "As the iPod Stays Hot, It Risks Lising Its Cool" by Ken Belson:
Many successful gadget makers have wrestled with this issue and few have conquered it. Palm organizers, once signature accouterments in Silicon Valley and on Wall Street, barely register a yawn when they are pulled out at dinner parties.

Let's put this in the form of a quiz. Do you think the developers and manufacturers of the PalmPilot would prefer:

1) That their product should become ubiquitous, with commensurate sales; or

2) That their product should remain an exotic showpiece, suitable for impressing slack-jawed yokels like Mr. Belson "at dinner parties"?

Apparently Times readers are assumed to favor door #2. There's some shiny glass beads in there too!