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Tuesday, June 28, 2005


Kevin Drum has been busy and perceptive. Tucked in beside some gloating on Bush's apparent unpopularity, we get marketing perspective on Grokster:
Bottom line: as near as I can tell, all that the Grokster/StreamCast/BitTorrent nitwits need to do is quit yammering excitedly about how great their products are as a way of ripping off The Man. If they just enforce rigid message discipline emphasizing only the legal benefits of their goods, everything will be OK.
Nonpartisan analysis of war powers in practice:
One of the great travesties of the Iraq war is that Congress passed a "use of force" resolution in October 2002 and then passed the buck to the president to decide if and when its conditions for war had been met. Five months later we invaded Iraq without Congress doing anything further aside from approving some budgetary items. This allowed many members of Congress — mostly Democrats — to argue disingenuously that, sure, they approved the October resolution, but they didn't approve of the war as George Bush prosecuted it.
And an honest look at the Plame squib:
You either support the right of reporters to shield their sources or you don't, and your opinion shouldn't vary based on whether (a) you dislike the reporters in question or (b) you'd like the information they're hiding to become public because you think it would be embarrassing to George Bush.

I can't think of any valid reason not to read it all.

[Update 29 June: fixed Plame/Cooper/Miller link as noted by Tom Maguire.]
[Update 29 June: Welcome, fellow Tom Maguire fans! You might be interested in imperial China or the war of all against all.]