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Monday, September 05, 2005

Being Poor and Rural

John Scalzi has a poetic and thought-provoking post on Being Poor [hat tip: R. Alex]. It serves as a humane reminder of problems that, as they only affect other people, are very easy for most of us to forget. Its mindset is quite urban, though; thus, though I have not been poor for some time, I will presume to offer a few entries.

Being poor is hanging out in the parking lot because you're not welcome in the store.

Being poor is knowing the opening hours at the day-old bread store.

Being poor is pushing the dead car into the back yard because it costs $50 to tow away.

Being poor is always knowing the next day's weather without having to look it up.

Being poor is rusted springs poking you through the blankets you covered the couch with.

Being poor is always knowing who's in the bathroom.

Being poor is trying out for the sports where the school provides uniforms.

Being poor is eating the same thing for a week because it's cheaper in the big box.