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Monday, October 03, 2005

Harriet Miers

Ms. Miers just went up to 50% bid on Tradesports (between 0706 and 0711 NY time). Now 60% at 0712. Bids for Luttig and Jones have evaporated. Looks like we have a winner.

[Update: for the record, I believe that Bush's selection of the head of the selection committee, here as in Mr. Cheney's case, betrays a substantial flaw in Mr. Bush's character. I am a great fan of Mr. Cheney's, but cannot approve of a selection process whose director has such an incentive to subvert the search. If I want a qualified employee, I ask a headhunter -- but I don't hire the headhunter.]

[Update: Powerline goes off the reservation! I thought they had a charter that forbade that...]

[Update: Is Ms. Miers meant to fail? Those looking for Roveian plots everywhere would enjoy this possibility. Rejection of Ms. Miers in the Senate might embarrass female-quota proponents and make a conservative successor more likely, while also prolonging the confirmation process (generally a winner for Republicans) as long as possible. Frankly, I do not think Mr. Bush is this tricky.]

[Update 13 October: John Fund has much more on the original failure of process.]