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Tuesday, October 25, 2005


The estimable Scott Burgess articulates the case against the gatekeepers of today's art in an exceptional post, New Philistines Unite!:
The real objection of the New Philistine is not that a small group of
people choose to entertain themselves in such ways - many of us share a
libertarian perspective that is happy to let people spend (their own) money on
such pursuits.
Our concern is with the cultural arbiters' dismissal of those
who aren't interested in watching a queue of people asking each other the time
as being contemptible, stupid, and possibly dangerous purveyors of "nonsensical
prejudice", as Mr. Searle would have it.
Read the whole thing. I'm obviously willing to be counted in [but can't we be "dreaded neo-Philistines" or something?].

Mr. Burgess also has the tip jar out for a "pledge week". His blog is better than mine, and a lot more work goes into it, so please consider pledging. Especially if you're British.