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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Chain of Decision

Regarding the recent fuss surrounding Amanda Marcotte, there is one thing to add. Someone -- not John Edwards -- made the decision to employ Miss Marcotte and Melissa McEwan. That decision has now forced Mr. Edwards to pick sides between Chris Bowers and Bill Donohue, and for no possible gain.

Someone -- possibly Mr. Edwards -- finessed the difficulty as well as possible, easing Ms. Marcotte out without actually firing her. It won't work perfectly, and it may not work at all; it depends on whether Mr. Bowers decides to swallow his pride and accept a defeat (perhaps following Matt Stoller's example and declaring victory), and on whether Mr. Donohue and those whom he represents decide to pursue Miss McEwan as well.

Whoever hired these bloggers in the first place made an obvious and expensive mistake. I expect to see another "resignation" from the Edwards campaign in about a week; not, this time, a blogger.

Update 15 February: the "someone" above turns out to be named Matt Gross. [HT: Q&O.]