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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

No Quarter

Marc Danziger has written an extremely perceptive essay on the breakup of MyDD and the new aristocracy. Read the whole thing, but here is the heart of it:
That aristocracy is increasingly detaching itself from the interests of the modern proletariat - those who sell their labor a day or month at a time in a cubicle or restaurant uniform. The modern proletariat is the richest in the world - but in a flattening world, that can't and won't persist. To those who ride in Town Cars, that's not a horrible thing - the help gets cheaper, after all, and more docile as it realizes how close it is to the edge and how their island of social and economic stability is shrinking.

Chris Bowers and other Netroots notables have pointed this out, and taken upon themselves the mission of saving the Democratic party from its aristocrats. Mr. Danziger wrote the appropriate critique before I could:
You're looking in the wrong place because you're arrogant jerks (hey, I read all your stuff - trust me, you're arrogant jerks) and instead of looking out your window at the American people and thinking about their dreams and hopes and how you can advance them, you persist in looking in the mirror (or looking on your computer screen and reading all the blogs that make you go "Yeah!" (new acronym: BTMYGY!) and believing that Of Course everyone thinks that Catholics are repressive assholes, and Of Course the average Rethuglican is a gender criminal, and Of Course typical Americans who worry about people who cut other people's throats on video on the Internet are bedwetters.

Well, as an arrogant jerk, I can sympathize. What common ground, besides the Porkbusters campaign, has either side of the blogosphere ever offered the other? More specifically, what am I willing to offer?

When I think of something, I'll post it.

[Via Glenn Reynolds.]