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Wednesday, April 20, 2005


Joseph Britt has an insightful post on the judicial confirmation process, at Belgravia Dispatch.

I think, though, that there is something missing from his discussion. He points out the reasons that Republican senators may well not care much about, or want to spend much time on, judges; but then says
There are ways of bringing debate in the Senate to a halt, by the approval of supermajorities for cloture motions of course but also by not insisting on nominations and legislation violently obnoxious to a large minority of the Senate.
The idea that these nominees are "violently obnoxious" to any significant number of Democrats is exactly the fallacy that Mr. Britt has just attacked on the Republican side. This is a battle between two small minorities, enabled by party loyalty and laziness, and should not be mischaracterized as anything else.