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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Mi Casa Es Su Casa

I have been mulling this idea for some time. Commenting on a QandO post describing the ongoing Republican sellout, I said:
We (Republican-leaning citizens) can afford to see a Democratic House of Representatives in the 2007-2008 term. It is clear that if the Republicans remain in power in both houses, they will become worse than the Democrats until they lose power in some meltdown. I urge every Republican to vote Democratic for the House of Representatives in November 2006.
I really can't put it more clearly than that. Social conservatives are entitled to care about the Supreme Court, and thus about the Senate. But the House, at present, exists only to gargle about Terry Schiavo and lard up appropriations bills. It is necessary to the Republican Party, but to the Republican cause it is worse than useless.

Mi casa es su casa. Take it away, boys.

[Update 2 August: Virginia Postrel voices the same complaints, but doesn't have a plan. Linked to Beltway Traffic Jam.]

[Update 23 August: Mark Tapscott at Townhall joins the chorus. Hat tip: Stephen Bainbridge.]