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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Sauce for the Goose

Going forward, there is a chance that the creation of images of Mohammed (or, more precisely, of Mohammed-themed figures) will be an important as well as an entertaining pastime. However, lest Islam or its practitioners be singled out for contumely, some ground rules are needed.

First, the images must be based on images originated by the Islamic press. For example, a caricature of Ariel Sharon eating a baby could be photoshopped to show a Mohammed-themed figure eating its own children -- but this would be unfair, as it would hold the Moslems of the world responsible for the excesses of the Independent and fellow-traveling Westerners. Or an original image could be composed -- but this would also be unfair, as it would apply the West's centuries of accumulated expertise in free expression.

Second, the images must be circulated together with the originals on which they are based. In this way, Moslems viewing the images are less likely to perceive a crusade against themselves.

Finally, images should actually show Mohammed-themed figures. Several of the Jyllands-Posten cartoons actually depict the cartoonist, caught in the act of defrauding his employer by accepting a commission to draw Mohammed and then actually drawing himself in the act of drawing Mohammed... oh, so brave!