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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Mi Casa Es Su Casa (V)

The Volokh Conspiracy's Ilya Somin chimes in:
With a Democratic House and GOP Senate (the likely result of this fall's election), the Republicans will get a well-deserved spanking, while the Democrats will be unable to enact the more dangerous parts of their own agenda. Also, a Democratic House would not be able to block Bush's judicial appointments, to my mind a rare bright spot in this administration.

On the other hand, Mickey Kaus and Chequer-Board commenter chsw point out that the Democrats may have the own path to the Grail of permanent majority:
Ponnuru must be willfully ignoring one conspicuous policy initiative that has already passed the Senate, been embraced by the President, and awaits only approval from a Democrat-led House to be signed into law. It wouldn't matter so much if this law, by establishing the principle of a "path to citizenship" for anyone who sneaks into the country to work, wouldn't run the risk of irrevocably changing the nature of the Republic, including the composition of future electorates that would decide whether to repeal it. But it would....

We deport, you reside!

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